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Relationships, beginning, middle and end.

In light of a horrible situation one of my closest friends has found herself in recently, I decided that I needed to write, or at least vent, about relationships, their complications and the way that things end.

A close friend of mine has recently got out of a long term relationship. She had been engaged for a few months, and had just moved to start a new life with her significant other, had thrown herself completely into planning the wedding, and was looking for a house with said person. They appeared to have it all planned out. And I use the word appeared very deliberately.

You know the saying, that nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors? I had never given it as much thought as I do now. For behind the excitement of their new life together, making plans and whatnot, things were not so great after all. In a matter of weeks, their strong relationship and happiness all but disappeared.

Which leads me to the question, why do people cheat? And most importantly, why do people become so unhappy in their relationship, in themselves, that it leads them to have a complete and utter breakdown? I, for one, have learned that relationships, no matter how happy or content you are, are never straight forward, and have their ups and downs. But what leads people to change so completely? What leads people to abandon and sabotage their relationship so wholeheartedly, so crudely, or cruelly?

So why do people cheat? Is it because they are unsatisfied with their own partner? Is it a cycle that they have gotten themselves into in the past? Is it a cry out for help, or some way of hurting their significant other, or an attempt to push them away? Or is it simply because they have become attracted to another and succumb to the temptation?

I believe that people do cheat for different reasons. But my question is why? What sort of change, or emotion, or belief, leads someone to be unfaithful? How can someone who has taken it upon themselves to be in a committed relationship suddenly abandon it in favour of another?

If you are not happy in your relationship, for whatever reason, why do people feel the need to cheat, rather than end said relationship, or breaking it off with their partner? As someone who has been cheated on in the past, this has really hit home for me. It’s so hard watching someone close to you be hurt by a person they have loved, by a person they have welcomed into their family, by a person they have wanted to spend the rest of their life with.


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